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NOTE: The following is provided to address frequently asked questions. For more detailed information, please review the Guide for Debtors Filing Bankruptcy Without an Attorney

  • How do I obtain copies of my bankruptcy case records?

    You have three options:

    1.     Come to the Bankruptcy Court at 721 19th Street, Denver, CO 80202, and print off documents from your case.  The cost is $.10/page payable, in exact cash (no change will be given), or – if you do not have an open bankruptcy case – a credit card and photo I.D.

    2.     Request copies by phone at 720-904-7480. The cost is $.50/page. 

    3.     Subscribe to PACER at to access your full case file.  You will need to provide a credit card number, but your fees may be waived.  

  • How do I obtain a copy of my discharge?

    You may obtain a copy of your Certificate of Discharge in-person, online, or by phone at 720-904-7480. 

  • What is required to file a new bankruptcy case?

    There are many requirements for filing a new bankruptcy case. Please review the “Filing a Case” section in the Guide for Debtors Filing Bankruptcy Without an Attorney  and the accompanying chapter specific checklists. 

  • What is a List of Creditors/Creditor Mailing Matrix?

    A mailing matrix is a verified list of your creditors and their addresses in electronic format. It is required in all bankruptcy cases.

    You may enter your creditors and upload your matrix directly to the Court using the Creditor Matrix Online tool. Once you complete the process, print the page with the code in the middle and submit it with your bankruptcy paperwork. The Court cannot process your electronic matrix without the code.  

    Alternatively, you may prepare your matrix in .txt format and submit it on a CD or flash drive with your bankruptcy paperwork. 

  • How do I amend a bankruptcy schedule to add creditors?

    What to file to amend schedules D, E/F to add creditors:

    1.     The Amended Schedule

    2.     List of Creditors/Creditor Mailing Matrix (only the newly added creditors)

    3.     The Notice of Amendment to Schedule (L.B. Form 1009-1.1)

    4.     Certificate of Service (L.B. Form 9013-1.2)

    5.     Filing Fee (Unless an Application to Have the Chapter 7 Filing Fee Waived B103B was granted previously.)

    See Fed. R. Bankr. P. 1009(a), L.B.R. 1009-1 and the Guide for Debtors Filing Bankruptcy Without an Attorney for more information.

  • Can I file electronically through CM/ECF?

    Limited electronic filing is available to non-attorneys via the I-File tool on the Court’s website under the Electronic Services tab.

  • May I pay the filing fee with a credit card?

    No. Credit cards and personal checks are NOT accepted. We accept exact cash, cashier’s check or money order only. All cashier’s checks and money orders should be made payable to “Clerk, USBC”.

  • May I submit my documents on double-sided paper?

    No. Please print on one side of the paper only. Also, please do not staple your documents. 

  • What is the Meeting of Creditors?

    Soon after a bankruptcy case is filed, a meeting is held so that creditors and the trustee can ask the debtor(s) a series of questions under oath. This meeting is required by Bankruptcy Code section 341(a) and is presided over by the trustee, not the judge. 

  • What is a Trustee?

    A trustee is a private person appointed and supervised by the United States Trustee to administer the bankruptcy estate. They are not a government employee. 

  • What is Credit Counseling?

    Individuals must complete a course in credit counseling before filing a new bankruptcy case. For a list of authorized providers, click here

  • What is Financial Management?

    Financial management is a post-filing instructional course that all individual debtors must take to receive a discharge. For a list of authorized providers, click here