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Chief Judge Kimberley H. Tyson (KHT)

Judge Thomas B. McNamara (TBM)

Judge Cathleen D. Parker (CDP)

Judge Michael E. Romero (MER)

Judge Joseph G. Rosania, Jr. (JGR)

First Meeting of Creditors (341 Hearing)


Preliminary Hearing Information

Pursuant to L.B.R. 4001-1, 4001-2, and 2081-3(b), this table displays the general date and time for setting preliminary hearings on motions for relief from the automatic stay, motions to impose or extend the stay, and motions to dismiss under 11 U.S.C. § 1112(b). 









9:00 A.M. – Judge McNamara (TBM)

Courtroom E, In person



9:30 A.M. – Judge Tyson (KHT)

Ph: 1-833-568-8864

Mtg ID: 160 632 4304


9:30 A.M. – Judge Romero (MER)

Ph: 1-833-568-8864

Mtg ID: 161 090 8955




1:00 P.M. – Judge Rosania (JGR)

Ph: 1-833-568-8864

Mtg ID: 161 324 5580







1:30 P.M. - Judge Parker (CDP)

Ph: 571-353-2301

Mtg ID: 715 961 300




All preliminary hearings are currently held by telephone for Judges Tyson, Romero, Rosania, and Parker.

All preliminary hearings are held in-person with Judge McNamara in Courtroom E, unless otherwise ordered.  Do not include telephonic participation information in your notice in a case assigned to Judge McNamara.

NOTICE TO MOVANT:  Before you file your motion, always check the court calendars for future available dates for each judge.  The generic date/time above may vary and some days may not be available.