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Proof of Claim

There are two ways a Proof of Claim may be filed with the court: by mailing or delivering a paper copy to the Clerk's Office in Denver; by using our on-line Proof of Claim application. The Proof of Claim Instructions below provide guidance for online filing.

Instructions for Online filing Proof of Claim

NOTE: This claim filing process is not for use by creditors who file more than an average of 52 claims per year in this court, or if the attorney is already required to file electronically. Creditors who have filed more than an average of 52 claims or attorneys who filed more than an average of 52 documents of any sort in this court must file claims via the CM/ECF system.
It is also not available if you are filing a claim pursuant to FRBP 3002.1 (claims secured by a security interest in a chapter 13 debtor's principle residence and provided for under 11 U.S.C. 1322(b)(5) of the debtor's plan.)
Please do not file a Proof of Claim in a no asset Chapter 7 case unless you have received a Notice of Possible Dividends.
You may now file a Proof of Claim and upload PDF attachments via an online form, if you are a creditor in the case where the claim is being filed (the person who is owed money in a bankruptcy case) and are not represented by an attorney in the case.
Please note: After completing the Proof of Claim form, you will be prompted to upload attachments. Attachments uploaded via this web site MUST be in PDF format, MUST be smaller than 4mb in size (larger documents can be broken down into multiple documents that are smaller), and MUST NOT contain document security. Attachments not meeting these criteria may not be attached to your claim. If you are unable to attach documents here, you may also forward attachments under separate cover. When you have completed and submitted this form, your confirmation message will provide you specific instructions for forwarding additional documentation not attached here.