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Telephonic Hearings

Parties may participate telephonically at bankruptcy hearings if the hearing notice or order allows telephonic participation, or as otherwise ordered by the court. Participants permitted to appear telephonically must call one of the toll free numbers listed below and enter the appropriate Meeting ID. Participants must identify themselves when the court clerk performs a roll call prior to the hearing start time. Then, please mute your phone until your case is called as multiple matters may be set at the same time.

Attorneys and parties must list the new dial-in information in any notices served pursuant to court orders, including Notices for Hearings on Confirmation (L.B.F. 3015-1.2). 

Toll Free Dial-In Numbers

1-833-435-1820 (Toll Free in US) – or –   

1-833-568-8864 (Toll Free in US)

(same for all divisions)


Hon. Kimberley H. Tyson

Hon. Michael E. Romero

Hon. Thomas B. McNamara

Hon. Joseph G. Rosania, Jr.





Meeting ID

160 632 4304

161 090 8955

160 248 1883

161 324 5580


Chief Judge Tyson is piloting a “Virtual Courtroom” feature for hearings. Click here for more information.