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Training Materials

Please see our e-filer practice guide for detailed information and best practices.

The Court reserves the right to suspend e-filing privileges if it determines further training is necessary.


These training videos provide a combination of lecture and exercises in a web-based learning environment.

Debtor Focused: These training videos address opening a new chapter 7 case, along with short instructionals on filing the most common types of motions.

Creditor Focused: Covers the most common creditor filings, including Entry of Appearance, Motions for Relief from Stays, and Claims.

Adversary Opening Training ​For attorneys with existing e-filing accounts, these exercises show filers how to initiate an adversary proceeding, issue an electronic summons and to file Amended Complaints, Cross Claims, Counterclaims and Third Party Complaints. NOTE: Standard e-filing accounts do not include the necessary permissions to initiate an adversary proceeding. You must contact the court to proceed. Successful completion of a homework assignment may be required.

Please see Procedures for Attorneys for instructions on common filings.

E-Claimants/Limited Access

Please see Procedures for E-Claimants for instructions on the common filings for limited access accounts.

Financial Management Course Providers

Please see Procedures for Course Providers for instructions on filing Financial Management Certificates