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Court Outreach

Court Outreach

The United States Bankruptcy Court District of Colorado is committed to providing opportunities for local students to learn about federal courts.  We offer free educational outreach programs in the courtroom, in the classroom, virtually, and in person.  Our volunteers are officers of the court, including judges, attorneys, and court staff, who welcome the opportunity to discuss important topics with students, including civics education, career exploration, and financial literacy.  Programs are based on availability and provided in order of request.  Please see the list below for more detailed information.  Email questions to Danielle Urban at

Civics Programs:

  • Understanding the Federal Courts: a volunteer-led presentation explaining the structure of the judicial branch and federal courts. 
  • Civility as a Legal and Life Skill: a guided conversation between students and volunteers about how and why civility is important in our personal and legal interactions.
  • Federal Court Tours: Students tour a courtroom and talk with court personnel about how the court is conducted.  In some incidences, students can observe court in session or role-play certain court procedures, such as calling the court to order or entering an appearance.
  • Bankruptcy: A volunteer-led overview of the bankruptcy process.

Career Exploration Programs:

  • Pathways to the Bench: Local federal judges meet with students to discuss the personal, character-building challenges they have faced that prepared them to serve on the bench.
  • Careers in the Courts: Students meet with court professionals to learn about different responsibilities in the courts and the variety of roles in the Federal Judiciary.

Financial Literacy Program:

  • A volunteer-led presentation on the importance of responsible use of credit to avoid financial pitfalls that often lead to bankruptcy.

How to Sign Up:

  1. Select a program best suited for your students.
  2. Determine several date options, your time frame for the program, and the location.
  3. Email your program request with date options and location to
  4. We will contact you to work out the details.

Let us know how we can help your school.  See the links below to various resources available for public use and meant for educational purposes only.

Educational Resources

Civics Education:

Understanding the Federal Courts

Additional Online Resources

Career Exploration:

Financial Literacy:


Student Loans


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