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Electronic Case Filing (ECF) Account

The Colorado Bankruptcy Court offers several types of electronic filing accounts. Please read carefully to determine the best option. All e-filing accounts are created and maintained by PACER.

Colorado no longer requires e-filers to complete training and practice filings to obtain an account. The Court reserves the right to suspend e-filing privileges for attorneys if it determines further training is necessary.


Pursuant to L.B.R. 9010-1, all attorneys must be admitted and in good standing with the United States District Court, District of Colorado to practice in this Court. Visit to register with the District Court.

To request Attorney E-filing permissions on PACER:

1.    Log into

2.    Click Manage My Account (upper right corner)

3.    Click the Maintenance tab

4.    Click Attorney Admissions/E-File Registration

5.    Follow the prompts to submit your request. You will receive an email when the Court processes your account.

PLEASE NOTE: Standard attorney accounts do not contain permissions to initiate new adversary proceedings. If you anticipate filing a new adversary, please contact the court at or 720-904-7450 for more information.


We do not offer electronic filing accounts for debtors, but we do accept electronic document uplods via our online tool, UpDoc. To submit documents online, please visit If you would like to sign up to view your case docket online, please visit

E-Claimants/Limited Access

The District of Colorado allows businesses and creditor representatives to submit certain documents via Electronic Case Filing (ECF). Limited access accounts allow users to file Proof of Claims, Notice Requests, Notice of Assignment/Transfer of Claims, Notice of Satisfaction of Claims, Notice of Withdrawal of Claims and Reaffirmation Agreements.

Please be advised that we do not allow attorneys representing creditors to sign up for a limited access account. All attorneys must register and follow the procedures above.

NOTE – An account is not required to file a proof of claim. For more information on submitting a proof of claim, please visit

To request Limited Access E-filing permissions on PACER:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click Manage My Account (upper right hand corner)

3.    Click the Maintenance tab

4.    Click Non-Attorney E-File Registration

5.    Choose CREDITOR as the Role in the Court.

6.    Follow the prompts to submit your request. You will receive an email when the Court processes your account.

Financial Management Course Providers

Course providers may file Debtor Education Certificates directly into the case. More information is available here. Please contact the Court at 720-904-7450 if you wish to sign up for this type of account.