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Bankruptcy Petition Preparers

Bankruptcy petition preparers are required to follow 11 U.S.C. § 110 and comply with all legal requirements. In the District of Colorado, the presumptive reasonable fee chargeable by a petition preparer is $125, as the role of non-attorney petition preparers is solely to type information on Bankruptcy Forms (available at this link without charge). Petition preparers are barred by law from providing legal advice – they cannot explain how to answer legal questions or assist in bankruptcy court proceedings. Petition preparers must sign all documents they prepare as a petition preparer; print their name, address, and social security number on such documents; and furnish copies to the debtor. They cannot sign a document on the debtor’s behalf nor receive payment from the debtor for court fees.

The following Bankruptcy Petittion Preparers are barred in the District of Colorado:

Brennah Darlene Mares (21-14283-MER, docket #59-1 dated 11/9/2022)

Mayra Garcia (16-1250 TBM, docket #21 dated 12/16/2016)

Lucy Jasso a/k/a Idalia Stewart (16-1250 TBM, docket #21 dated 12/16/2016)

Sara Douglas (18-15911 EEB, docket #20 dated 8/13/2018)

Angel Amor Trujillo (18-12929 JGR, docket #107 dated 5/23/2019)

Gina Baker (18-10678 EEB, docket #37 dated 6/6/2019)