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L.B.R. 4001-6. Communication Not in Violation of the Automatic Stay

(a)  Forms of Communication; Issuance of Monthly Statements is not a Stay Violation.  The following communication and issuance of monthly statements are declared appropriate and not a violation of the automatic stay:

(1)  Permissible Contact with the Debtor.  Secured creditors may contact the debtor about the status of insurance coverage on property that is collateral for the creditor’s claim, may respond to inquiries and requests for information about the account from the debtor, and may send the debtor statements, payment coupons, information on loss mitigation or loan modifications, or other correspondence that the creditor sends to its non-debtor customers, without violating the automatic stay, provided none of these communications includes an attempt to collect the debt.  Permissible forms of communication are those that are sent to the debtor by creditors in the ordinary course of business, to the address that the debtor last provided to the creditor by agreement between the debtor and the creditor.  In order for communication to be protected under this Rule, the communication must indicate it is provided for information purposes and does not constitute a demand for payment.

(2)  Manner of Contacting Debtor.  Permissible communications may be transmitted via email, facsimile, mail, commercial communications carrier, or such other mode as is mutually acceptable to the parties.