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L.B.R. 9019-2. Alternative Dispute Resolution

(a)  Assignment of Matters to Mediation.  The Court may refer a matter to mediation sua sponte, upon written stipulation, or upon motion by a party or the United States Trustee.  Unless otherwise ordered by the Court, participation in mediation is voluntary.

(b)  Deadlines.  Unless otherwise ordered by the Court, the referral of a matter to mediation does not operate to stay, postpone, or extend any deadlines.

(c)  Report of Mediation.  As soon as practicable after the conclusion of the mediation, the mediator must file with the Court a Report of Mediation, advising only.

(1)  the date(s) that the parties conducted the mediation;

(2)  the parties in attendance at the mediation; and

(3)  whether the parties resolved the matter.