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L.B.R. 9011-4. Signatures and Contact Information

(a)  Signatures.  Any electronically filed document must include the electronic signature of the electronic filer.

(b)  Retention of Original Signatures.  Electronic filers may file all electronic documents with electronic signatures.  Documents that require the signature of the debtor must be maintained by the electronic filer with the original signature(s) in paper form for two years following the expiration of all time periods for appeals after entry of a final order terminating the case or proceeding.  Documents required to be retained by attorneys with actual signatures of the debtor include all petitions, statements, schedules, lists, and amendments thereto.

(c)  Contact Information.  All attorneys and unrepresented parties must ensure that all filed documents include their name, address, telephone number, email address, and bar number, if applicable, below their signature line, and must promptly notify the Court of any changes to this information by filing a notice of change of contact information.