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L.B.R. 7001-1. Adversary Proceedings – General

(a)  Caption.  All documents filed in an adversary proceeding must include a caption in substantial conformity with Official Form 416D, Caption for Use in Adversary Proceeding other than for a Complaint Filed by a Debtor, and list the entire case number, including the initials of the assigned judge (e.g., 17-00000-FML). 

(b)  Requirements for Paper Filed Adversary Proceedings.  The following are required for adversary proceedings filed in paper format:

(1)  cover sheet in substantial conformity with Director’s Procedural Form 1040.

(2)  complaint;

(3)  summons;

(4)  motions for alias summons or pluries summons, if any; and

(5)  emergency motions, if any.