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L.B.R. 5011-1. Motions for Withdrawal of the Reference

(a)  Service.  The motion must be served on the United States Trustee, any case trustee, the 20 largest unsecured creditors in a chapter 11 case, those requesting notice, and any party against whom relief is sought.

(b)  Filing Fees.  A motion for withdrawal of a case or proceeding must be accompanied by payment of the required filing fee and be filed with the Clerk together with such other portions of the record as may be necessary for consideration of the motion.

(c)   Objection.  Within 14 days after service of a copy of the motion, a party in interest may file with the Clerk, and serve on the movant and the other parties to the proceeding, an objection to the motion and a designation of any additional portions of the record for the United States District Court’s determination of the motion.

(d)  Reply.  The movant may file a reply within seven days of service of an objection.

(e)  Record.  The Clerk will refer the motion and record to the Clerk of the United States District Court for hearing pursuant to Fed. R. Bankr. P. 5011(a).