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Judge Elizabeth E. Brown (EEB)

Welcome to the Chambers Website for the Honorable Elizabeth E. Brown. The purpose of this website is to provide a reference for practitioners as to Courtroom F's procedures and preferences. This is a work in progress, so you are encouraged to check back frequently. If the information you're looking for is not here, please contact us.


To aid in the prevention of the spread of coronavirus, Judge Brown will be conducting non-evidentiary hearings by telephone only. If you have a scheduled non-evidentiary hearing before Judge Brown until further notice, you must appear for the hearing telephonically at the following numbers:

For Courtroom F
Access Code: 3454024#


  1. This is for Judge Brown’s hearings ONLY;

  2. Trials and evidentiary hearings before Judge Brown will continue to require appearances in the courtroom, unless the Court advises otherwise; and

  3. If you are required to tender exhibits at a non-evidentiary hearing, such as a preliminary relief from stay hearing, please make arrangements to either electronically file those with the Court or to deliver hard copies to opposing parties and the Court at least 24 hours prior to the hearing.

If you are setting a Hearing on a matter pursuant to 4001-1, please include the following information on your Notice of Motion and Opportunity for Hearing:

Telephone number:  1-888-684-8852
Meeting Access Code:  3454024 followed by the # sign

To reach chambers, or for questions regarding scheduling or hearing matters, relief from stay matters, courtroom procedures, or Chapter 13 issues, please contact Trish, Courtroom Deputy.

If the Court directs that you email an order directly to Chambers, please use

If Judge Brown's Case Management Team directs that you email a proposed/unsigned order or a corrected order so they may attach it to a Motion, please use

Please keep in mind that Court staff are prohibited from engaging in unilateral or ex parte communications with creditors, debtors and attorneys. They are further prohibited from providing advice to parties regarding their rights with respect to a bankruptcy case or proceeding before this Court.

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Staff Information

Courtroom F

For help with your case:   720-904-7462
Chambers Main Line:   720-904-7346
Courtroom Deputy: Trish 720-904-7346
Law Clerks: Ruth 720-904-7328