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Limited Access Electronic Case Filing

The District of Colorado accepts registration forms from businesses and creditor agencies for limited access to Electronic Case Filing (ECF). By registering for limited access, you will be able to file Proof of Claims, Notice Requests, Notice of Assignment/Transfer of Claims, Notice of Satisfaction of Claims, Notice of Withdrawal of Claims and Reaffirmation Agreements.

Please be advised that we do not accept the filing of electronic requests for notice by law firms or the lawyers representing creditors using the limited access E-Claimant login. In our Court, if you are an attorney, you will need to complete training and obtain a full access attorney login.

On the web pages that follow, you will be able to sign up to file the above documents electronically. The electronic application form that follows asks for your business or creditor agency name and other pertinent information. Note: Each business or creditor agency will be issued one (1) login ID to be used by the business or creditor agency. In addition, all users within a business or creditor agency will share the same login and password. You will then be emailed a registration form along with a PDF file containing Procedures for Electronic Claimant Filers. Complete the registration form and return to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. If the court approves your registration form, you will be emailed a Login ID to begin filing with the District of Colorado.

When you are ready to begin, click here.