United States Bankruptcy Court

for the District of Colorado

Local Bankruptcy Rule 904

Form, Preparation and Copies of Pleadings and Papers*

(a) All petitions, pleadings, and other papers filed or served shall be plainly and legibly typewritten, mimeographed, or printed only on one side of the paper, without being materially defaced by erasures, interlineations, or strikeovers. The use of ditto marks and abbreviations other than standard is prohibited. The paper used shall be standard weight, white, and approximately 8 1/2 by 11 inches in size. Unless otherwise specified in these Rules, the upper margin of each sheet shall be not less than 1/2 inch, the left-hand margin shall be not less than one inch, and the pages shall be fastened at the top-left without backs or covers.

(b) All petitions, pleadings, and other papers shall contain the business address, telephone number, facsimile transmission (FAX) number and electronic mail (e-mail) address, if any, and attorney registration number of the attorney filing the petition, pleading, or other paper, or the address and telephone number of a Pro Se individual filing the petition, pleading, or other paper.

(c) If the Court orders in a case, adversary proceeding or contested matter, a Motion Control Number (designated as MC. No. ) shall be included by all parties immediately below the case number on all motions and applications seeking relief. In motions filed in adversary proceedings, it shall be placed immediately below the adversary number. The Motion Control Number shall consist of not more than three (3) initials of the attorney for the moving party (e.g., first, middle, and last name), or if preferred, the initial of the law firm for the moving party, and a number

which is one number higher than the number of motions or applications previously filed by said attorney or law firm in connection with that specific bankruptcy case or adversary proceeding. (Example: The first Motion Control Number assigned to attorney John D. Doe would be MC. No. JDD-1; the second would be MC. No. JDD-2; etc. This sequence would be repeated for each specific bankruptcy case in which said attorney or law firm filed motions. A similar sequence will be utilized for each separate

adversary proceeding.) Once a Motion Control Number is assigned, all related papers shall have the same number; provided, however, that motions for reconsideration and counter motions shall be treated as separate motions with a new Motion Control Number assigned in the manner provided for above.

(d) Except as otherwise specified in Rules 102, 202, 215, 302, 320(c), 507(b), 804, 806, 807(c)(2), and 910(a) of these Rules, in all cases and adversary proceedings pending before the court, a clear and legible copy of each pleading and other papers shall be submitted at the time of filing of such pleading or other papers. Such copies are for the use of the bankruptcy judge and need not be retained as a part of a case file. Such copies shall be filed notwithstanding any other additional copies which may be required under these Rules or order of the court.

*See also L.B.R. 105.


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