United States Bankruptcy Court

for the District of Colorado

Local Bankruptcy Rule 507

Reporting and Transcripts

(a) Transcripts: The court reporter or transcription service preparing a transcript of any hearing, or of any meeting conducted by the United States Trustee or the Standing Chapter 12 or 13 Trustees in which a transcript has been ordered, shall comply with the provisions of 28 U.S.C. 753.

(b) Original Reporter's Notes or Original Tape Recordings: The original reporter's notes or original tape recordings of any court hearings shall be filed pursuant to Fed.R.B.P. 5007(a). Notes or tape recordings so filed shall be subject to withdrawal only by the official contractor for reportorial services, or the designated representative, or by the reporter who filed said notes.

(c) Use of Camera and Recording Devices: The use or operation of any camera, recording device, or other mechanical means for the visual reproduction of the likeness of an individual or object, or for the auditory reproduction of a voice or sound, is prohibited inside all courtrooms occupied by the court and in all rooms used for meetings pursuant to 11 U.S.C. 341. The use or operation of any camera is further prohibited in all other premises occupied by the court. This Rule is not applicable to employees of the court or designees of the United States Trustee acting pursuant to their official duties or to any certified court reporter, and the court in its discretion may waive this Rule.

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