United States Bankruptcy Court

for the District of Colorado

Local Bankruptcy Rule 315

Filing of Chapter 12 and Chapter 13 Plans

(a) Filing and Service of Original Chapter 13 Plan: The debtor in Chapter 13 shall file an original plan in substantial conformity with L.B.F. 315.1, 13 Plan, within the time limits specified in Fed.R.B.P. 3015(b). At or before the time of filing of the plan the debtor shall serve a copy of the plan together with a copy of a Notice of Filing in substantial conformity with L.B.F. 315.2, Notice, on the Standing Chapter 13 Trustee and all creditors, assignees, and other persons entitled to receive notice listed in the Chapter 13 Statement, and shall file a certificate of service within five (5) days after the date of such service.

(b) Motions to Avoid Liens in Chapter 13 Cases Only: Motions to avoid liens filed pursuant to 11 U.S.C. 522(f) must be filed at the time of the filing of the Chapter 13 Plan in accordance with Fed.R.B.P. 4003.

(c) Filing of Chapter 12 Plan: The debtor may file a Chapter 12 Plan with the petition. If a plan is not filed with the petition, it shall be filed within ninety (90) days thereafter unless the court, pursuant to 11 U.S.C. 1221, extends the time for filing of the plan.

Note: L.B.R. 315 has been modified by GPO 2004-3 Exhibit B. Please refer to GPO 2004-3.

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