United States Bankruptcy Court

for the District of Colorado

Local Bankruptcy Rule 212

Notice of Substitution of Trustee and Notice of Successor Trustee's Accounting

(a) Promptly after a trustee is appointed in a Chapter 11 case, the trustee shall serve notice of such appointment upon all parties in interest, and to such other parties as the court may direct, in each pending action, proceeding or matter.

(b) When a successor trustee is appointed, the court or some other person as the court may direct shall serve notice thereof on all creditors in the case. The successor trustee shall serve notice of the appointment on all parties in contested matters, adversary proceedings and other civil actions.

(c) Upon the filing with the court of an accounting of prior administration of the estate pursuant to Fed.R.B.P. 2012(b) which reflects the collection or disbursement of receipts by the trustee, the successor trustee shall send notice of the filing of such accounting to all creditors and parties in interest in the case, unless the court otherwise orders for good cause shown.

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