Courtroom Technology

Please be advised that prior permission is required from chambers to utilize technology in the courtroom. Additionally, coordination with the Information Technology (IT) department will be necessary to ensure equipment availability prior to the scheduled hearing. Please contact the IT department via email at for further information or scheduling.

Video Conferencing

The Bankruptcy Court has a full featured video conferencing system for remote hearings when its use is allowed by the Judge for the case or controversy. For more information please contact the specific chambers.

Courtroom Recording Technology

The Bankruptcy Court utilizes FTR recording technology for digital recording in all courtrooms. Transcripts of all hearings are available. For information please follow this link:

Internet Connections

The Bankruptcy Court does not currently have public WiFi internet connections available.

Electronic Evidence Presentation

See next section on Audio/Video


The Following audio and video equipment is currently available in each courtroom for use upon request.

  • LCD Projector
  • Portable Projection Screen
  • Overhead Projector
  • DVD Player
  • VCR Player
  • Please contact the Clerks Office at least one week before your scheduled hearing to ensure availably.

    Assisted Listening Devices

    The Bankruptcy Court utilizes a stationary RF transmitter and portable RF receivers to provide full frequency sound replication. This provides fully user-adjustable sound reinforcement throughout the courtroom with no line-of-sight necessary. Three different headset types are available for use:

  • Standard behind-the-ear headphones
  • Single ear speaker (fits over the ear - can be used with hearing aids)
  • Neck loop (for T-Coil equipped hearing aids)

    Assisted listening equipment may be requested at any time for use in the courtroom.