Court Related News

  • Free Pro Se Bankruptcy Clinics 2014 Dates - The dates for the 2014 Bankruptcy Clinics by the Denver Bar Association has been updated. Please click here for more information and dates.
  • GPO 2012-6 - Revised Chapter 13 Plan Form to be Effective February 1, 2013. - General Procedure Order 2012-6 makes a new Chapter 13 Plan form effective on February 1, 2013 (view plan form in MS Word). Most of the changes made are cosmetic formatting changes to allow the form to be mailed on 2 pages printed back to back, but there are some areas with substantial language changes which are in the highlighted version (click here to view the PDF). The Judges welcome your comments, please send your feedback to
  • New Online Claims Submission Feature - The United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Colorado is pleased to announce a new online claims submission feature. If you are a creditor (the person who is owed money in a bankruptcy case) and are not represented by an attorney, you may now be able to file a Proof of Claim and upload PDF attachments via this easy to use online form.

    Online Proof of Claims Instructions
  • New Creditor Entry Program - The United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Colorado is pleased to announce the launch of a new Online Creditor Entry page. This page has been posted to allow persons filing cases in the District of Colorado to create and submit their creditor matrix online using any computer or web enabled device.
  • Discontinuance of Mailing of Proof of Claim Forms Effective October 1, 2011. - Effective October 1, 2011, we will no longer include a Proof of Claim form with Notices of Meetings of Creditors or Chapter 7 notices establishing a claims deadline. This change has been mandated by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts as a cost-savings measure and after a study determined that less than 5% of the Proof of Claims included with the Court's notices were returned. The majority of the claims that are filed are created electronically by the creditor's software or though other electronic forms creation tools. Proofs of Claim forms are available on the US Court's website,, on our website, or at the Intake Counter of any bankruptcy court. Please click here for immediate access to a fillable Proof of Claim form.
  • Telephonic Appearance Information - Please note that being allowed to appear telephonically at a hearing is a privilege that will be revoked if the Court cannot obtain an accurate record. In order to allow the Court to make a proper electronic recording of its proceedings when parties appear telephonically we must require the following from participants:
    • eliminate all excessive noise (including, but not limited to: typing, background conversations, barking dogs, traffic, wind, music, etc.);
    • do not use cellular phones, they are more susceptible to background noise and have issues with clarity, use a land line if at all possible; and
    • do not use speakerphones as they cause incredible and annoying feedback in the courtroom.
    Participants who have excessive background noise, lack clarity or who are causing feedback into the courtroom risk being disconnected and excluded from the hearing.
  • GPO 2009-3 (SO-13) - Closing or Dismissal of Duplicate Petitions Entered in Error. - Closing or Dismissal of Duplicate Petitions Entered in Error. GPO 2009-3 (SO-13) has been revised to change the manner in which the Court handles duplicates cases filed in error. Please see page 5 of the attached document for the revised paragraph.
  • Local Bankruptcy Forms are now fillable. - Local Bankruptcy Forms are now fillable and found on our Forms page. This functionality, along with having the forms available in Word format, should provide you with straight-forward mechanisms to easily provide the court with legibly typed forms for filing.
  • New Voice Case Information System Effective 05/26/2010 - The U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Colorado is proud to announce a new Multi Court Voice Case Information System(McVCIS). To access this new system, please call 866-222-8029 and enter state abbreviation CO(26) or enter the court code 22. Please note: the old VCIS number will be disabled on 05/26/2010.
  • Local Bankruptcy Rules, Forms, Appendix and New Time Computations Effective 12/1/2009. Click here for details.
  • Chapter 13 Trustee's Recommended Procedures for the Submission of Tax Returns - There is a new chapter 13 email address designed solely for the Debtor's submission to the Trustee of the tax return/affidavit required to be provided by 11 U.S.C.521(e)(2)(A)(i). Providing the return by email will save copies and postage and will allow the Trustee to monitor her receipt of the returns more efficiently. Please advise your staff or client to provide the return/affidavit to
    Please use the following format in the subject line.
    0640000, DOE, 2005-1040
    0640000, DOE, AFFIDAVIT
    Remember the deadline for submission is no later than 7 days prior to the first date set for the meeting of creditors.
  • PRIVACY RULE - Bankruptcy Rule 9037 - Bankruptcy Rule 9037 requires that personal identification information defined as individuals' Social Security and taxpayer identification numbers, names of minor children, financial account numbers, and dates of birth, be redacted from documents filed with the court. For details visit:
    Please verify that your documents conform to this Rule.
  • Update on Electronic Notice in Lieu of Service by Conventional Means.
  • Post Judgment Interest Rates Now Available.
  • NEW 341 Meeting Docket posted on website under Calendar Events.
  • Effective January 1, 2005, PACER Fees increasing to $0.08 per page.
  • Training for Electronic Case Filing Now Available, Visit our ECF website.