Chamber's Announcements

  • Updated Chambers Procedure for Honorable Michael E. Romero - No Written Discovery Motions.
  • Chambers Procedures for Chief Judge Tallman updated (January 3, 2012) - Please click here for more details.
  • Website for the Chambers of the Honorable A. Bruce Campbell has been updated. - Please click here for more details.
  • Telephonic Appearance Information - Please note that being allowed to appear telephonically at a hearing is a privilege that will be revoked if the Court cannot obtain an accurate record. In order to allow the Court to make a proper electronic recording of its proceedings when parties appear telephonically we must require the following from participants:
    • eliminate all excessive noise (including, but not limited to: typing, background conversations, barking dogs, traffic, wind, music, etc.);
    • do not use cellular phones, they are more susceptible to background noise and have issues with clarity, use a land line if at all possible; and
    • do not use speakerphones as they cause incredible and annoying feedback in the courtroom.
    Participants who have excessive background noise, lack clarity or who are causing feedback into the courtroom risk being disconnected and excluded from the hearing.
  • Chambers and Chapter 13 Procedures updated for Judge Brown's Chambers - In accordance with the new Local Bankruptcy Rules and Forms effective on 12/1/2009, the Chapter 13 Procedures and forms on Judge Brown's chambers website has been updated.
  • Internship Applications (Unpaid Law Clerk Interns) - United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Colorado Law Clerk Internship Form
  • Contact information for Judge Brooks' Chamber Updated - Please visit for updated contact information.
  • Judicial Performance Evaluation Survey (10/07 Results)
  • Website for the Chambers of the Honorable Michael E. Romero is now available.
  • Courtroom F Update: Chapter 13 Status and Scheduling Conferences.
  • Courtroom F Update: Checklist for Motions to Abandon Property.