Calendar Information

United States Bankruptcy Court Calendar Information (Updated Weekly)

Judge Brown Judge McNamara Judge Parker
Chief Judge Romero Judge Rosania Judge Tallman
First Meeting of Creditors HRT Grand Junction SBB Grand Junction
Western Slope Colorado Springs  

Please Note: Chief Judge Romero has moved to Courtroom C.

Please note each Docket's date of currency.  In most cases, a Docket is current as of the Friday prior to the week it represents.  

As a result of settlements, emergency matters, and other action, each Docket may have been modified since that time, and hearings vacated and/or added.

Telephonic Appearance Information
Please note that being allowed to appear telephonically at a hearing is a privilege that will be revoked if the Court cannot obtain an accurate record. In order to allow the Court to make a proper electronic recording of its proceedings when parties appear telephonically we must require the following from participants:
  • eliminate all excessive noise (including, but not limited to: typing, background conversations, barking dogs, traffic, wind, music, etc.);
  • do not use cellular phones, they are more susceptible to background noise and have issues with clarity, use a land line if at all possible; and
  • do not use speakerphones as they cause incredible and annoying feedback in the courtroom.
Participants who have excessive background noise, lack clarity or who are causing feedback into the courtroom risk being disconnected and excluded from the hearing.

Entries of Appearance Information
Each individual attorney
must file an entry of appearance in the case, or a case specific pleading in CM/ECF, if you want to receive notices and applicable orders in a specific case because we are not able to capture the information from attorneys whose only appearance is during a telephonic hearing or other proceeding in the courtroom. The failure to file an attorney specific entry of appearance in a case will likely result in the attorney not receiving notices and orders from the Court and possibly not receiving pleadings from other parties in the case.