Suggested Forms and Procedures

The form of proposed Orders and Notices submitted to the Court varies widely from practitioner to practitioner and case to case. This section contains examples of common Orders and Notices that have previously been approved by this Court, along with tips regarding the procedures generally followed by Chambers. The forms are downloadable*. While use of these forms is not required, their use will aid in review and processing. If the form you are looking for is not here, please check back as we will be adding new forms regularly.

All Chapters:
Witness List
Exhibit List

Chapter 11 Forms:
Administrative Claims Bar Date Notice
Chapter 11 Confirmation Order
Order Approving Chapter 11 Disclosure Statement and Setting Confirmation Hearing. * Note: Parenthetical information set forth in red are timing instructions in hidden text and should be hidden or removed before submission of the Order to the Court. Pstd 02/04/2005
Chapter 11 Bar Date Notice - Single Debtor
Chapter 11 Bar Date Notice - Multiple Debtors
Chapter 11 Bar Date Order
Chapter 11 Bar Date Notice (including §503(b)(9) administrative expense claims) - Single Debtor
Chapter 11 Bar Date Notice (including §503(b)(9) administrative expense claims) - Multiple Debtors Chapter 13 Notices:
Notice for use after denial of confirmation pre-341 meeting ("do over" notice)

Certificate Regarding Plan Objections/Certificate Regarding Amended Plan When No Objections Filed to Original Plan - Please use L.B. Form 3015-1.5.

Chapter 13 Dismissal Order:
On Motion of Debtor - Pre-confirmation
On Motion of Creditor - Pre-confirmation
On Motion of Debtor - Post-confirmation
On Motion of Creditor - Post-confirmation

*Note: All downloads are in Adobe Acrobat format.

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