j0211973.wmf (20616 bytes) Welcome to the Chambers Website for the Honorable Elizabeth E. Brown. The purpose of this website is to provide a reference for practitioners as to Courtroom F's procedures, preferences, and, eventually, scheduling opportunities that will allow attorneys to self-select specific types of hearing dates. This is a work in progress, so you are encouraged to check back frequently. If the information you're looking for is not here, please contact us.

Current Docket Who to call in Chambers:

For questions on Chapter 13 Fee Applications: Jaime Stromer, Case Manager, (720) 904-7343
For questions on Chapter 11 cases/Motions to Void Liens/Other Chapter 13 matters: Merrie Kippur, Law Clerk, (720) 904-7348
For questions on Chapter 7 cases/Chapter 13 Plans/Adversary Proceedings/Stay Relief/Reaffirmations/Hearing Schedules (Main case and AP)/All other matters: Mariah Reynolds, Courtroom Deputy, (720) 904-7346

Courtroom F e-mail address: courtroomf@cob.uscourts.gov

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Withdrawal of Motions/Objections/Responses

Please note that this Chambers does not require filing of a Motion and Order for withdrawal of a previously filed pleading. If a Motion, Objection or Response has been resolved it may be withdrawn simply by filing a Withdrawal or Notice of Withdrawal.

Labeling Exhibits for Evidentiary Hearings and Trials


Plaintiff Defendant
Movant/Applicant Respondent/Objector
Debtor* Creditor*

*Debtor and Creditor designations should only be used in those rare instances when other designations are inappropriate (for example, claims objections).


Chambers copy requirements

Paragraph II.A.5 of the Attachment to Fourth Amended GPO 2001-8 requires parties who file electronic documents to provide Chambers with a hard copy of the following pleadings:
a. Chapter 11 and Chapter 12 plan of reorganization;
b. Chapter 11 disclosure statement and attachments;
c. Motions for summary judgment and responses, and all supporting documents;
d. Any other document requested by chambers.
In addition, Courtroom F requires a hard copy of any filing over 25 pages in length. In determining page length, do not include the certificate of service/mailing.