Judge Sidney B. Brooks/Courtroom E
Chapter 13 Confirmation:
  • Counsel/parties appearing pro se shall fully comply with L.B.R. 9070-1(a)(1), (2) and (3), with respect to filing, hearing, and post-hearing requirements for witness and exhibit lists, and exhibits, unless otherwise set forth in the notice of hearing or trial, or other order of court.
  • Counsel/parties are responsible for retaining their own exhibits after conclusion of the trial/hearing, as provided in L.B.R. 9070-1(a)(3).
  • Counsel/parties are reminded that in accord with L.B.R. 9013-1, every motion filed with the Court shall include a proposed order submitted separate from and concurrently with the filing of the Motion. The filing of a motion without a proposed order may result in delays in processing or possible dismissal of the motion.
Proposed Orders:
  • Counsel/parties may submit proposed orders which have been specifically requested by the Court to Judge Brooks' courtroom email box as follows:
  • Please include the case number and debtor(s) name(s), or the proceeding number and parties' names, in the subject line of any email transmittal.
  • Additionally, chambers' staff will not respond to questions submitted via this email transmittal.
Telephonic Appearance:
  • Appearance by telephone at hearings is allowed if provided for in the Court's notice or order scheduling the hearing, or if otherwise noted by the Court on the Weekly Docket as posted on the Court's website (see ). It is the responsibility of counsel/parties to initiate the call and connect to the Court's conference call line, and to otherwise comply with the procedures set forth in the Court's order or notice scheduling the hearing, or as provided by the Court. Failure to contact the Court and connect to a hearing in a timely manner, prior to the scheduled hearing time, may preclude counsel/the party's participation in the hearing.
Trailing Dockets:
  • If a hearing or trial has been scheduled upon a trailing docket, counsel/parties shall remain available during the entire trailing docket. The Court will try and establish a firm setting time for each of the matters set on the trailing docket and, once established, will contact counsel/parties by telephone to notify them of that firm setting and/or will identify firm settings on the Weekly Docket as posted on the Court's website (see ).
Vacating Hearings:
  • The Court appreciates being timely notified in advance as to settlements which may vacate scheduled hearings. Hearings shall be vacated from the Weekly Docket only upon (1) receipt of a written stipulation or agreement of the parties filed no later than the day before the scheduled hearing, or (2) appearance by at least one of the parties at the hearing, in person or via telephone, who shall read the agreement into the record. Counsel shall contact chambers in advance of the hearing, at 720-904-7338, to arrange for telephonic appearance. Failure to timely contact the Court may preclude counsel/parties from appearing by phone.

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