Judicial Performance Evaluation Survey (10/07 Results)

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Thank you members of the Colorado Bar who participated in the Judicial Performance Evaluation Survey which we sent out to almost 500 attorneys who regularly practice in the Bankruptcy Court. The responses were, as requested, returned by you to us on a completely anonymous basis, and the results were tabulated and reported to me by an independent individual, who I did not know, from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. The number of responses was greater than expected (30%), and the results were submitted to me last week.

The purpose of the survey was to assist us in assessing the quality of service provided to the public and legal community by this court. It was intended to provide an effective and reliable tool to measure - and where needed, improve - the quality of judging and the ability of this court and its staff to serve litigants and the legal community at large. It has accomplished this goal; the strengths and weaknesses of this court, and the areas that can use improvement have been noted. I appreciate the feedback that you have provided.

And, as suggested by one respondent, I am posting the results for your consideration:

Survey PDFJudicial Performance Evaluation Survey (10/07 Results)

Hon. Sid Brooks