Judge Sidney B. Brooks/Courtroom E

Please note that Court staff are unable, both legally and ethically, to engage in unilateral, or ex parte, communications with creditors or debtors, and/or provide advice to parties regarding their rights, with respect to a bankruptcy case or proceeding. It is inappropriate and considered highly unethical.

For questions regarding cases or proceedings pending before Judge Brooks (cases/proceedings with numbers ending in "SBB"), counsel/parties are encouraged to contact, by telephone, the Case Management Team for Judge Brooks as follows:
Cynthia (720) 904-7332 Cases/proceedings ending with: 00-24
Jay (720) 904-7387 Cases/proceedings ending with: 25-49
Deb (720) 904-7428 Cases/proceedings ending with: 50-59
Paula (720) 904-7330 Cases/proceedings ending with: 60-89
Randy (720) 904-7383 Cases/proceedings ending with: 90-99

Chambers: Linda Kimes (720) 904-7338 Judicial Assistant
Sunika Pawar (720) 904-7375 Law Clerk
Anne Sekera (720) 904-7334 Courtroom Deputy

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